Zarb-e-Momin is Pakistan's first complete islamic Urdu-language newspaper with its own unique feature of "No living picture" on it. It is one of the country's largest complete Islamic Urdu-language weeklies and was created to counter anti-Muslim "propaganda" and to unviel the hidden truth and plans of the enemies of Islam.

Famous Writers & Articles of the Magazine

These are the most famous and most read articles of the Zarb-e-Momin Magazine. For your convenience below are the quick links of the write-ups of these writers, just click on the banner button to have the complete articles of that particular writer.

English Translation of the Book

Fullscape Issue : 25th Dec to 31st Dec 2009

Pakistan Current Affairs, News, Muslim World, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad

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  1. i am a regular reader of zarbe momin and i found this paper an informative, and authentic source for referincing. I want to ask please also include the achievements of the Muslim Scientists and emperors that made the jews down in each ground and now they are promoting this names on their achievements. THis paper needs to promot the same as the non muslims promoting against the muslims. like the newyork times and other. please publish the brutalities of Jews and christians aganist the muslims in Iraq, Palestines, Afghanistans with pictures.